Welcome to Math Exchanges!

I can’t believe it! My book, Math Exchanges: Guiding Young Mathematicians in Small Group Meetings, is *almost* out there in the world.

One of the purposes of this blog will be to serve as a companion to my book. I’ll be posting regularly about my teaching passions– math workshop, teaching math in small groups  and creating strong communities of young mathematicians.

I know that even though I don’t officially go back to teaching until the end of August I am already thinking about the kind of teaching, learning, and communities I want to establish this year.  So, how will you teach and learn with your community of mathematicians this year? What are you thinking about and wondering?

Note: You can read about, my book, Math Exchanges, available now for pre-order from Stenhouse Publishers. You should be able to preview the whole book online on their website next week.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Math Exchanges!

  1. Kassia,
    Yay! Yay! Yay! I am so excited about your blog. First of all, I’m thrilled anytime someone adds a new voice to the learning community. I’m just amazed by all that is contributed daily. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I learn from those willing to share their thinking. Secondly, I’m incredibly excited that your blog will often focus on math. I can always use a little support with the math instruction in my classroom.

    Congrats on your new blog AND your new book! An exciting time!

    1. Thank you, everyone, for your support. I hope you enjoy the book…I’d love to hear your feedback and hope you’ll comment often on the blog!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. I love, love, love you are going to talk about math which doesn’t get enough attention. Can’t wait to follow your journey and read your thinking.

  3. Kassia,
    Hooray! Doesn’t it feel great to have your blog up and running? 🙂 (And it’s alot easier to express your thoughts in more than 140 characters sometimes!) I am SO looking forward to your book!!!!! Along with conferring with children for reading, changing my math instruction is another big goal for me this year. I’ve been thinking about small group math instruction and am anxious to hear your thoughts on it!

  4. Kassia,
    So excited to see your book coming out and can’t wait to read it! I hear so many good things about your teaching from parents. I have been looking to grow in this area and know that this will be of great support to me as a teacher/learner.

    1. Thanks, Lauren! What/where are you teaching now? I’m teaching kindergarten next year, so I’m sure I could use your advice on a few things too! 🙂

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