Math in the Real World

The grocery store is one of my favorite places for mathematical inspiration. I’m always finding interesting opportunities for mathematizing that I can bring back to the classroom to share with my students. The more I share my mathematical life and thinking with my students, the more they see math in their world and bring that in to the classroom.

I’ll be sharing some of my real world math pictures here on the blog. Sometimes I put these pictures in my morning message to students and simply ask,  “What math do you see?” Other times I use the picture when writing story problems for our small group math exchanges. Here are some story problem ideas I used with small groups of second and third graders in my class.

  • At a birthday party I want to give everyone a fork, a spoon and a knife? How many people will I be able to give utensils to if I buy this box?
  • I invite 40 people to a party. Each person will need a fork, a spoon and a knife. How many of these packages of utensils do I need to buy?

 What other questions would you pose?

4 thoughts on “Math in the Real World

  1. I don’t know if your kids are old enough to be walking around with cameras, but if so, they can also start looking for math & bringing in examples they find to share.

    1. I’d love to hear more about this project. Sounds like you had an authentic purpose for your mathematical investigations.

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