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Math Exchanges has officially been released! My publisher, Stenhouse, and I have organized a blog tour to celebrate the release of the book. Here are the dates and blogs that will be hosting the tour:

Catching Readers Before They Fall, hosted by Stenhouse Authors Pat Johnson and Katie Keier (October 3rd)

Our Camp Read-A-Lot, hosted by Laura Komos (October 4th)

Reflect and Refine, hosted by Stenhouse author and first grade teacher, Cathy Mere (October 5th)

Elementary, My Dear, Or Far From It, hosted by Jenny Orr (October 6th)

Each of the blogs will be giving away a free copy of the book to a randomly chosen reader who posts a comment or question on their post. (If you already have the book and win, you can choose to receive any of Stenhouse’s other books!)  Also, see Stenhouse’s post on the blog tour for a free shipping code for  anyone who buys the book from now until October 3rd.

Hope to see you on the blog tour!

3 thoughts on “Blog Tour

  1. Kassia, I have been talking about your book Math exchanges nonstop this week. Someone else I spoke with about it brought it up at another meeting and now!!!!! more people are talking about getting the book and having real conversations about the ideas! YEA! When I got home last night and checked emails, guess what? I won a book from Kate and Pat’s website. I asked for your book. (I promise I am buying it for all my grade level.) Thanks for taking the time to do the work on getting these ideas out there. A whole new world was opened to me when I did the blog tour. So super cool! I look forward to being inspired.

    1. Janet,
      Congratulations on winning the book! It sounds like your team is doing some great thinking about how to make math exchanges and math workshop work for you all. Good luck to you, and stay in touch.

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