Honoring the now

I’m always looking ahead–for myself and my students. What is the next goal I will work on? What is next learning I will ask my students to take on.

Often I have to remind myself to slow down. Honor the child’s current understanding. Hover in this moment to really understand it? What is it that the child really understands? How do I know this? What questions can I ask to clarify his thinking rather than impose my own? These are difficult practices. But teaching, like yoga or art, is a practice. Commit to the practice, to the moment.

Erica Jong’s “You Are There”, which hangs in my class, reminds me of this.

You are there.

You have always been


Even when you thought

you were climbing

you had already arrived.

Even when you were

breathing hard,

you were at rest.

Even then it was clear

you were there.

Not in our nature

to know what

is journey and what


Even if we knew

we would not admit.

Even if we lived

we would think

we were just


To live is to be


Certainty comes

at the end.

3 thoughts on “Honoring the now

  1. I needed to hear those words tonight. Thank you for this thoughtful post. I am going to take your lead and hang these words in my classroom and in our teacher’s lounge. It’s something we all need to be reminded of.

  2. Kassia,

    Thank you for this post. Great reminder of how to slow down and just be in the moment–the moment in which children’s mathematical knowledge and/or practices are being constructed.

    Also, I would love to tell you more about LinkedIn, but Twitter doesn’t allow me enough space for that. If you would like to, you may contact me via email: rebeccaLzullo@gmail.com.

    And, I am one of your blog followers! I am totally one of your supporters after reading your book. Looking forward to applying what I learned in professional development for teachers.


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