(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

During Morning Explore (45 minutes of open play/projects/creativity/joy) two friends explore Thinkfun’s Sudoku , a problem solving and reasoning game. We’ve been talking a lot about how mathematicians work together to problem solve and look for challenging problems. They found some of that in this game for sure.

6 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

    1. My Kinders could only really get the easiest level of the challenges (so far!) I’ve found it’s perfect for 1st and 2nd, and then they’re usually ready for the Thinkfun Sudoku that is not the jr. level. I’m a huge fan of the Thinkfun games!

  1. If I’m reading this post correctly, the Thinkfun Sudoku 4×4 is the one you are referring to as for first and second graders – right? (I teach first, hence the need to clarify.) Amazon and several other sights say it is no longer available. Franki, would you please share your source?


    1. Yes, I think it used to be called “Sudoku Jr,” but now it looks like they refer to it as the 4X4 (as opposed to the 5 x 5, which is more for 2nd/3rd/4th grade). I think this game would be perfect for first grade!


  2. I ordered mine on Amazon but I don’t see it anymore. Seems like the 5X5 would be fine for 1st/2nd but I haven’t tried it. The 5X5 is available on amazon.

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