Back to Blogging!

I have taken a very long break from blogging! I’ve still been here teaching and learning about math, life has just gotten in the way of blogging. And a wonderful part of that life has been the birth of my daughter, Louisa, this February!


Just this week I went back to Keith Devlin’s fascinating book, The Math Instinct. Devlin’s book takes a look at some studies with very young babies that illustrate the fact that we humans are born mathematical creatures. In one study designed by psychologist Prentice Starkey, babies were shown images of one dot and two dots on projectors. At the same time one or two drum beats would be played. When one drum beat was played, the babies would spend a significantly longer time staring at the projector that showed one dot. When two beats were played, the babies would stare at the projector with two dots (Devlin, 12-13). Many other studies have also shown that babies have some understanding of numerosity and number sense.

Babies are mathematicians too! So you can imagine that I’ve been watching my own little mathematician for signs of number sense. I’m pretty sure she’s counting already 🙂

Now that I’m getting used to being a mom and getting a little more sleep I plan on getting back to the blog more frequently. Looking forward to catching up with math friends here! What mathematical adventures have you all been up to?

8 thoughts on “Back to Blogging!

  1. Welcome back! Congrats and Louisa is beautiful. ‘m so glad you took a break from blogging and decided you wanted to come back to it. We were missing you.

    I’ve been problem solving with my K students and am working up a rubric to help guide reflections and communicate with parents.

    1. Thanks, Mandy! I’d love to hear more about your rubric and how it’s helping parents understand what you’re up to!

  2. I’m so glad you are back! Welcome to motherhood. It was wonderful to see your name in my email. I did a little happy dance!

  3. Congratulations! I have visited your blog frequently to check for updates and was very excited to see you blogging again. My school wants to incorporate math exchanges as part of our math time. Is there a video of a group of kids engaging in a math exchange anywhere online?

    1. Thanks, Gabby!

      That’s great that your school is working to incorporate math exchanges into your practice. There will be a Math Exchanges DVD coming out soon! We taped it in November and it’s in the editing stage now. I will certainly be posting about it when it comes out. I’m hoping seeing math exchanges in action will help people implement small groups in their classrooms.

  4. Welcome back — and congratulations on your beautiful new addition to your family. I look forward to reading future posts!

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