How Did You Solve That?



Since Math Exchanges was published, many teachers have asked if there are any videos of math exchanges in action that they could check out. Readers wanted to see and hear more from teachers and students as they met in small groups. I’m so excited that I will now be able to tell teachers “YES!”

“How Did You Solve That?” takes a glimpse into math exchanges in my kindergarten classroom and the 2nd grade classroom of my wonderful colleague, Rachel. The part of making this DVD that I am most proud of is how real it is–it was filmed over a couple of days last fall and really captures what it looks like, sounds like and feels like for teachers and students when they are immersed in the work of math exchanges. Teachers will get to see how Rachel and I plan for, teach, and reflect upon math exchanges. You’ll see us wondering about our teaching language and discussing student strategies. You’ll see that not every moment in our classrooms is perfect (I believe a slamming bathroom door makes an appearance in the middle of one of my math exchanges!), but that we, like you, are constantly reflecting on our teaching and revising our next steps for our young mathematicians.

I’m happy to share this part of my teaching life with you all, and hope you will find it a useful tool. 

4 thoughts on “How Did You Solve That?

  1. Congratulations Kassia! This looks like a very useful tool.
    Do all the children get a copy of the clip they appear in!? They must be so proud of you.

  2. Your book is excellent!

    Quick question – What would you say is the best thing parents could do to support their children as mathematicians?

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