(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

During Morning Explore (45 minutes of open play/projects/creativity/joy) two friends explore Thinkfun's Sudoku , a problem solving and reasoning game. We've been talking a lot about how mathematicians work together to problem solve and look for challenging problems. They found some of that in this game for sure.

Hot Chocolate Play

My brilliant kindergarten colleagues Lauren Nye and Courtney Carroll recently came up with another engaging way to practice counting in a playful way--making pretend hot chocolate.  This counting task mirrors our Halloween Trick or Treat play in which children counted to a specific number, a different kind of task than when children are asked to count… Continue reading Hot Chocolate Play

Robber Bird

Now that my kindergartners have been working on acorn counting collections for a while both during our math workshop and our Explore play, I decided to add another problem solving component to this familiar context.  One current focus in our math workshop is exposing children to different types of problem and helping them internalize the structure of various… Continue reading Robber Bird