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Math Is Storytelling

Just returning from the NAEYC annual conference in Orlando,  my head is swimming with ideas–ideas that both extend and challenge my previous beliefs. I love that hopeful and refreshed feeling of returning to my classroom after an amazing conference feeling ready to take on the world!

I want to share an abbreviated version of my presentation, “Mathematics is Storytelling: Bringing Play and a Sense of Narrative to Problem Solving” with you all. And while the slides only tell part of the story, I hope they give you a sense of all that is possible when you build a culture of problem solving and live a rich mathematical life alongside your students.

So, how are you bringing play and a sense of narrative to problem solving in your classroom?

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Next week I travel to Orlando for the annual NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) conference. My presentation is called “Mathematics is Storytelling: Bringing Play and a Sense of Narrative to Problem Solving,” and it is all about using storytelling to strengthen children’s understanding of problem solving.  I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at a couple of pictures from the presentation.

This kindergartener explores counting collections and expands her ability to tell a mathematical story through Trick or Treating play.

Two kindergarteners solving a difficult problem type using an imaginative, familiar context, The Gingerbread Man.



Ahmed records his thinking for the problem, “The Gingerbread Man needs to cross 13 stones to get across the river. After hopping on the tenth stone he takes a rest. How many more stones does he need to hop across to get to the other side of the river?”




Ahmed records his strategy and says, “Ten stones and three more is thirteen. I just saw ten and three more!”



For those of you who will be in Orlando next week at the conference, please join me at my session on Saturday, November 5th from 1-2pm. For anyone else interested, I’ll be posting the presentation on my blog and tweeting from NAEYC sessions (@kassiaowedekind) as well!

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