New blog!

Hi Everyone! What's the best way to deal with a blog that is collecting dust from lack of posts? Start a new blog! Check out my brand new blog, Hands Down, Speak Out, with literacy coach, Christy Thompson (@teacherthomp) where we'll be writing about classroom dialogue across literacy and math content areas. And in our… Continue reading New blog!

The Tale of the Grumpy Parrot and the Purple Snazzleberries

Our kindergarten team did some work around 3-Act Tasks last year and in our team meeting today the teachers wondered if there were any 3-Act Tasks that might fit well with our pattern unit. We took a look at Graham Fletcher's 3-Act Task, Stage 5 Series. We wondered what a 3-Act Task around repeating patterns might… Continue reading The Tale of the Grumpy Parrot and the Purple Snazzleberries

3 Act-ish

This year I did a little PD work around 3-Act tasks for teachers at my school and some other math coaches in my district. I've spent time in classrooms teaching with 3-Act tasks and coaching teachers around them. We've mostly used the amazing Graham Fletcher's 3-Act Tasks, so if you're an elementary math person new… Continue reading 3 Act-ish

More Thinking About Data Routines, Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about trying out Notice and Wonder Graphs with 4th grade teachers preparing for their unit on data. In yesterday's post I wrote about how these teachers noticed, wondered, and drew conclusions about a bar graph entitled "More then half of Brits like pineapple on pizza"--an interesting, if not earth-shattering topic. But we didn't want to… Continue reading More Thinking About Data Routines, Part 2